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Handmade dessert launch for Marston Foods

Set in the beautiful Somerset countryside, Marston Foods busily produce handmade, hand finished and hand packed desserts of the highest quality.

Supplying delicious desserts to supermarkets including Lidl, Tesco and Asda, the team have been awarded many awards including two Grocer Gold Awards.

Having created the new Marston Foods branding and website, we were delighted to work with them again on the launch of their very first own branded product.

Food Product Packaging

Marston Foods were incredibly excited to launch their first own branded product with retailer, Costco, having worked for months perfecting their Raspberry Bakewell Tart recipe.

We worked with them to design the product sleeve for their box of six tarts, including nutritional signposting, ingredients and cooking instructions, all in an eye-catching and delicious design.

We later worked with Marston Foods again to produce a second product sleeve for their luxury Millionaire’s Cheesecakes.

Marston Foods Bakewell Tart Packaging Design

Wow, you are a magician!! Thank you thank you thank you – let us know when you are in need of many desserts.

Leona McDonald, Commercial & Sales Manager, Marston Foods, Frome
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