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Email campaigns are still a must for many businesses, both large and small. They can often have a higher conversion rate than social media, and your message is more likely to reach your targeted audience as, after all, email has no algorithm.

Many social sites use algorithms to determine who sees your posts, and so you have no true control over reaching your audience.

With email you can rest assured that your message has been delivered into the inbox of someone who has taken an interest in your business, you can read a report to see that it was opened, and which links were clicked.

Email newsletters don't always need to be lengthy or reveal new groundbreaking information. Just simple weekly or monthly campaigns to your customers will both remind them that you're there, and show them that you're active.

We help customers to brand and create simple email templates in MailChimp, which they can then easily edit and manage themselves.

Using this online tool, customers can schedule campaigns, view reports and manage subscribers.

standard features

  • Clear, clean design, tailored to your brand
  • Easy to use online email management tool
  • Online campaign reports and analytics
  • 300+ app integrations
  • GDPR complicance
  • Subscriber management
  • Emails for use on Mobile, Tablet & Desktop devices

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