Managed Hosting


reliable, fast & secure hosting

We host the vast majority of the websites we build and maintain. This streamlines development and deployment and provides opportunities for optimisation specific to our builds.

All of our websites run on Virtual Private Servers and are usually hosted in a London datacentre, assuming a UK presence, though other locations are available.

standard features

  • Server fully managed by broadbean
  • Limited number of tenants (broadbean clients only) to increase resource availability
  • Custom solution designed to offer better performance for the websites we build
  • Improved security with limited access points
  • On-site (at data centre) backup of entire VPS with three backup slots rotated automatically (daily, 2-7 days old and 8-14 days old)
  • Daily off-site website backups retained for 3 months minimum
  • 99.9% hardware and network connectivity uptime guarantee
  • DV SSL Certificate (website will be run under HTTPS)
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